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Here is a little video on one of the best hamstring exercises ever, the Deadlift.  It is important to get this exercise right though so watch the video for proper form.

Add this to your workout routine NOW!


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I am sorry I haven’t been photo documenting all my food!  My camera ran out of batteries and then I kept forgetting to charge it!  The good news is, I have eaten the same things, exactly, for the last two days and will again tomorrow so I will post my meals tomorrow.  This last hard core week is way hard.  But I really want to try my hardest to look my best. 

To tide you over until tomorrow, here’s one of my favorite lower body exercises.  It is called an anterior reach.  It targets your hamstrings and butt.

To start, stand balencing on your right leg with your left hand at your left hip. 


Bend over and touch the ground with your right hand and then stand back up.  Try not to tap your left foot on the ground between each rep.  Balance if you can.  Focus on not rounding your back over as you bend.  Keep your back flat and bend at the his.  Do 15 reps and then switch sides. 


Let me know if you try it!

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