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Cardio “Dancing”

Do you guys like to dance?  I sure as heck DON’T!  Probobly because I can’t do it.  So I feel a little bit (or a lotta bit) retarded.  But when I do my cardio “dancing” on the arc trainer at the gym I feel like this:


(PS.  Is that Lauren from So You Think You Can Dance?  I loved her!)

I call this workout a “Match the Beat” Dancing workout.  I like to do it on the Arc Trainer, but a regular elliptical will do.  On an Arc Trainer you can adjust the incline AND resistance as opposed to just the resistance like on many ellipticals.  So, here’s what you do:

After a warm up you find the next good song on your ipod.  With that song going  you set the incline to your elliptical (I like to change it up between 3, 5, 8, and 10 on an incline scale of 1-10) and you do this interval:

1 minute – moderate intensity – you want to match the beat of the song.  If it is a faster song you will probobly have it on less of an incline and be moving your feet faster.  Find a good moderate level resistance.  Keep it here matching your beat and dancing (in your head) away for a minute.

1 minute – all out intensity – keep your pace and incline the same but up your resistance.  You want to be really pushing it here.  About half way through this minute reevaluate and increase resistance if needed.  Remember to keep your feet moving to the beat.  That’s the fun, dance-y part!

1 minute – recover – I take it down to a low resistance and low incline for 30 seconds.  For the next 30 seconds I fast forward to my next song on my Ipod, and figure out a good incline for the beat.  When this recovery minute is over you repeat the interval with your new song, new incline, new resistance and best of all, new beat!

It’s crazy and not at all dance-y really, I know.  But my point is that that’s about as close as I come to dancing.  And I’m ok with it.  In fact, I love it.  I love this workout.


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Here is a little video on one of the best hamstring exercises ever, the Deadlift.  It is important to get this exercise right though so watch the video for proper form.

Add this to your workout routine NOW!

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Here is a workout that is designed to help increase your power output.  If you are training for any sort of race or just want the ability to speed up (or exert any type of power quickly) you should include power intervals in your workouts.  This workout is a basic interval workout where you will alternate short-ish high intensity intervals and moderate intervals.

Workout                     Time      RPE

Warm up                    5 min      4
Moderate Push       2 min      6
Hard Push                2 min      7-8
Moderate Push       2 min      6
Hard Push                2 min      7-8
Moderate Push       2 min      6
Hard Push                2 min      7-8
Moderate Push       2 min      6
Hard Push                2 min      7-8
Moderate Push       2 min      6
Hard Push                2 min      7-8
Cool Down               5 min      3

TOTAL TIME:  30 min

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I am sorry I haven’t been photo documenting all my food!  My camera ran out of batteries and then I kept forgetting to charge it!  The good news is, I have eaten the same things, exactly, for the last two days and will again tomorrow so I will post my meals tomorrow.  This last hard core week is way hard.  But I really want to try my hardest to look my best. 

To tide you over until tomorrow, here’s one of my favorite lower body exercises.  It is called an anterior reach.  It targets your hamstrings and butt.

To start, stand balencing on your right leg with your left hand at your left hip. 


Bend over and touch the ground with your right hand and then stand back up.  Try not to tap your left foot on the ground between each rep.  Balance if you can.  Focus on not rounding your back over as you bend.  Keep your back flat and bend at the his.  Do 15 reps and then switch sides. 


Let me know if you try it!

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Pass Crunch

We did this exercise at boot camp last week and I loved it!  It’s one of the only ab exercises that has made me sore in the last while.  Here’s what you do:

Hold a stability between your feet with legs extended.  Hold a dumbbell up above your head, extended, with one side in each hand.  Before starting, lift your head and shoulder blades off the floor to this starting position:


From here, take the dumbbell in your right hand and bring it down behind your legs and pass to the left hand like this (excuse the very strained looking face): 


 Complete the circle by then taking the dumbbell into your left and bringing it up to the starting position and beginning another rep by passing it to your right hand.  Try to do 6 reps in each direction.

Your abs will be screaming at you tomorrow, I promise!

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We all know why intervals are much more effective for burning fat than slow, steady paced cardio right?  If not, read this.

Here’s a new interval workout I tried this week and it kicked my butt!  The idea is to do gutt wrenching intervals for 5 minutes, then recover for 5 minutes and do the intervals again for 5 minutes.  Here’s how my workout looked:

After warm up:

  • 30 sec sprint (10 incline/8mph?  I actually can’t remember my speed…)
  • 30 sec recover standing on the sides of the treadmill heaving 
  • Repeat 4 more times
  • 5 min walk at 3.8 mph
  • 30 sec hard sprint (15 incline/4.3 mph)
  • 30 sec standing on the sides of treadmill
  • Repeat 4 more times

Cool Down

Try it out and tell me what you think!

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For those of you who don’t know, HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training.  While lower intensity steady state cardio workouts do have their place, hard intervals are much better for fat loss.  With intervals you definately will burn more calories in a shorter amount of time, but you will also increase your resting metabolism for about 24 hours after the workout.  Who doesn’t want to burn more calories at rest?  I know I do! 

I have a serious case of cardio “ADD”.  I get bored doing one thing for longer than, oh, 2 minutes.  The other day I wanted to do a HIIT workout but I wanted to mix it up even further so here’s what I did:

5 min warm up

  • 20 sec sprint (and I mean sprint – I did 9.0 mph – I can sprint faster but I considered this a warm up sprint)
  • 40 sec recovery (walk)
  • 30 sec sprint (I did 9.0 mph)
  • 60 sec recovery
  • 45 sec sprint (9.0 mph)
  • 60 sec recovery
  • 60 sec sprint (9.0mph)
  • 60 sec recovery
  • 45 sec sprint (9.5 mph)
  • 60 sec recovery
  • 30 sec sprint (10.0 mph)
  • 60 sec recovery
  • 20 sec sprint (10.5 mph – I haven’t hit this speed since before I got pregnant!)
  • 40 seco recovery

5 min cool down

So, next time you want some serious HIIT and are feeling a little case of “cardio ADD” coming on, try Power HIIT!

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