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Bye, bye Fit Eats…

Don’t worry I’m not leaving you all for good.  I have just moved my blog to another site.  My new website is now up and running and is located at Lean Bodies Health and Fitness.  It is still all me and my ideas there as this is my company.  The blog content will not be changing.  I hope you all choose to follow me over there.  I will continue to put reminders of my new posts on here for a week or two until I am sure that you have all rerouted your Google Readers to my new blog.

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Holiday Party Tip…

Do you have big dinner plans?  If so, don’t skip lunch thinking that you’re “saving your calories” for a bigger dinner.  Chances are that you’ll show up so starving that you will eat way more than you would have with lunch and dinner combined!  When you are so hungry it is hard to make good choices, too.  The best choice would be to eat a light lunch like some chicken on a salad with some whole wheat crackers or a tortilla and then have a protein rich snack an hour or so before your dinner like yogurt, cottage cheese or peanut butter.  This will take the edge off your hunger and allow you to make smart decisions at your dinner event.  Remember, this time of year focus on the things you can only get in December and enjoy them!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Here are some tips for enjoying your Thanksgiving without getting that awful “I’m-so-full-I-can’t-even-walk” feeling.

  1.  Drink up!  DO drink lots of water during your turkey day feast.  Right when you walk in, pour yourself a big glass of water (or other calorie free beverage) to sip on as you mingle.  Continue to drink up all night long!  DON’T drink your calories.  Calorie laden drinks do nothing to add to satiety but they will definitely add to your waistline!
  2. Workout Hard!  Hit the gym a little harder or a little longer (or both!) than normal tomorrow morning. (YES, I said you better be working out tomorrow!)  This will increase your metabolism for the entire day and burn off some the extra calories you will probably consume later in the day.
  3. Compensate.  Compensate for the splurges by eating much healthier than normal the day before, the day of and the day after your event.  Do this by following my 6 day Post Holiday Meltdown meal plan.

If you don’t have this meal plan, email me at lindsmm@gmail.com and you will get one right away!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Talk about a healthy holiday recipe right here!  If you love chocolate covered cherries, you will LOVE this one!

Start by throwing these things into your magic bullet or blender:

  • 1 container cherry yogurt (I use weight watchers brand because it doens’t have high fructose corn syrup OR aspertame)
  • 1/2 c. cottage cheese
  • 1 T. low fat cream cheese
  • 1 T. cocoa
  • 1 packet Truvia (Stevia)

Blend all that goodness up and put into your bowl.  Top with about 15 chocolate chips and enjoy!

Don’t forget to email me if you are interested in my 6 day “Holiday Melt Down” Meal Plan!  See here for details!

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The big reveal…

I would like to thank you all for supporting me, my blog and my business.  To thank you guys I will just jump right into the big news that I promised for you all today.  Here goes:

The big surprise is…

My new 6 – Day “Post Holiday Melt Down” Meal Plan!!!

This is my FREE gift for all of you who are on my email list!  If you’d like to be included on this list email me at lindsmm@gmail.com with the words “I want a big surprise!” as the subject line.

This meal plan was specifically designed to be used after a day of indulgences such as a holiday or vacation.  Each days meals, food choices and guidelines were carefully chosen and thought out.  If followed as directed this meal plan WILL help you get rid of the little extra bloat or weight gain you may experience after a holiday.  Use this plan right after Thanksgiving and Christmas and you will start the New Year hotter than ever!  This meal plan will be emailed out on Friday so get me your email address to recieve your free gift!

We will be back to our regularly scheduled recipes on Wednesday.

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On Sale Now!

fitness_pr_bootcamp_fitnessPunch Cards for my Holiday Boot Camp Classes are NOW ON SALE!!!  Go over to Lean Bodies Health and Fitness and click on boot camps for more information. 

These prices are CHEAP people!  I promise you won’t want to miss this!

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